The Sandy Morris Financial Team

Meet the team ready to help you create a retirement future rich in purpose, passion, fulfillment and confidence.


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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Sandy Morris

Sandy Morris is a seasoned, highly accomplished professional with over 20 years of wealth management and retirement planning experience. Driven by a deep understanding of retirement challenges and a passion for making a difference in her clients’ lives, Sandy offers a comprehensive range of financial planning services including educational workshops, retirement planning, investment management, tax planning and estate planning – all of which have helped thousands of families live their retirement dreams.

Thanks to her popular TV shows “Retirement Talk” and “Wealth & Wisdom with Sandy Morris”; regular appearances on NBC, CBS and ABC; and her widely praised book The Most Important Decisions You Will Make Over 50, Sandy is known as a leading expert in the industry and for her ability to help successful families and individuals navigate the complex world of financial planning.

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Steve Zanolli

With a distinguished 17-year tenure in the Financial and Insurance industry, Steve Zanolli brings a wealth of knowledge and a depth of experience to Sandy Morris Financial and Estate Planning Services, LLC. His journey within the industry, marked by nine years of personal production, showcases his comprehensive understanding of financial planning and product intricacies. Steve’s expertise extends into the critical realms of financial regulation, compliance, and suitability, ensuring that our clients’ investments are not only strategic but also secure and aligned with their aspirations.

Appointed as Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Portfolio Manager in 2011, Steve has been instrumental in shaping the firm’s strategic direction while maintaining the highest standards of regulatory compliance. His academic foundation, a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Carolina, complements his extensive professional certifications, including Series 65 and Series 7 securities licenses, along with a 2-15 Life, Health, and Variable Annuity Agent license. These qualifications underscore Steve’s commitment to excellence and his profound capability to navigate the complex financial landscape.

Beyond the world of finance, Steve is a man of diverse interests and passions. Whether he’s spending quality time with his family, hitting the basketball court, perfecting his swing on the golf course, riding his bike, or enjoying the outdoors with his two loyal dogs, Steve embodies a balance of professional diligence and personal joy. His active lifestyle and family-centered values reflect the essence of our mission at Sandy Morris Financial: to enrich lives and turn retirement dreams into reality.

Steve’s professional philosophy is guided by the principle of foresight and preparation. He understands that the financial security and prosperity our clients enjoy today are the results of strategic planning and thoughtful decisions made years prior. Steve is committed to laying down the foundations for a secure financial future, ensuring a legacy of success and stability for our clients and their families.

Michael Abbott

Michael Abbott brings a wealth of experience and a heartfelt dedication to his role as the first point of contact for clients at Sandy Morris Financial. With a career spanning several years in the financial services industry, Michael has become adept at understanding client needs and facilitating seamless introductions to the firm’s services. His role is pivotal in ensuring that every interaction with Sandy Morris Financial is characterized by warmth, efficiency, and professionalism.

Michael is motivated by the chance to make a real difference in people’s lives, guiding them toward financial stability and peace of mind. He believes that the first step in financial planning is building a strong, trusting relationship, and he excels in creating connections that last. His commitment to clear and empathetic communication forms the bedrock of his interactions, establishing a solid foundation for the client’s financial journey.

Away from the office, Michael’s passions mirror his professional commitment to service and excellence. An avid explorer, he relishes the opportunity to travel, seeking out new experiences and cultures both domestically and around the globe. An active lifestyle is important to Michael; he enjoys outdoor activities that keep him connected to nature and his community, whether it’s hiking local trails or participating in community sports.
Michael also shares a love for music, often spending his downtime immersed in his collection of records or attending live concerts. These personal pursuits not only enrich his life but also fuel his work with renewed energy and perspective.

At Sandy Morris Financial, Michael Abbott is more than just the first point of contact; he is a dedicated advocate for our clients’ financial aspirations. His blend of professional expertise and personal interests showcases a commitment not only to financial guidance but also to living a life full of exploration and discovery.

Michelle Urena

Michelle Urena brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to her dual role as Director of Marketing and Operations at Sandy Morris Financial. With an approach grounded in collaboration and innovation, Michelle has significantly contributed to the firm’s growth and operational excellence. Her expertise in navigating the complexities of the financial services industry, combined with a keen ability to connect with others, has made her an invaluable leader within the company.

Having led numerous marketing projects across a variety of industries, Michelle’s experience encompasses a broad spectrum of marketing strategies, from traditional media to digital platforms. This diverse skill set allows her to develop tailored strategies that enhance client engagement and brand visibility, supporting the firm’s mission to turn retirement dreams into reality.

As Director of Marketing and Operations, Michelle is at the forefront of managing the firm’s marketing initiatives and operational strategies. Her role involves overseeing the Marketing and Scheduling teams, brand management, corporate sponsorship, and strategic projects. Michelle excels in streamlining business processes and implementing systems that enhance efficiency and scalability, ensuring that the firm’s operations run smoothly and align with its strategic goals.

Away from work, Michelle finds joy in baking, perfecting her golf swing, and embracing new learning adventures. Family time with her husband, daughter Sabrina, and their pets is her cherished downtime, embodying her belief in a well-balanced life.

Living by Winston Churchill’s mantra, “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning,” Michelle’s essence is about transforming foresight into action. Her leadership at Sandy Morris Financial isn’t just about achieving goals; it’s about setting new standards and inspiring a culture of innovation and forward-thinking.

Kamil Polkowski

Kamil Polkowski, a key member of our Sandy Morris Financial family, where he serves with passion as our Paraplanner. Kamil’s path in the financial world is rich and varied, having contributed his talents to both intimate boutique firms and expansive international companies. It’s this blend of experiences that enables Kamil to craft financial strategies that are as unique and individualized as the clients we serve.

Kamil’s previous roles as an advisor and investment counselor have endowed him with a deep reservoir of knowledge, particularly in investments and financial planning. He excels in translating complex financial concepts into actionable plans, tailored to each client’s personal dreams and goals. His philosophy is simple yet profound: to understand and value each client’s story, ensuring their financial plan is a true reflection of their aspirations.

His commitment to excellence is mirrored in his academic and service background. Kamil earned his economics degree from Montclair State University, where he was recognized in the Economic Honor Society. His leadership and resilience were further shaped by his honorable service in the U.S. Army, serving as a combat engineer with a deployment that tested and honed his fortitude.

When he’s not navigating the complexities of financial planning, Kamil embraces an active lifestyle and the discipline of forex trading, reflecting his belief in continuous self-improvement and lifelong learning. These pursuits are not just hobbies; they’re extensions of the same dedication and commitment he brings to every client interaction at Sandy Morris Financial.

With a suite of financial licenses and a heart fully invested in our mission, Kamil is more than a Paraplanner—he’s a dedicated partner in our clients’ financial journeys. We’re thrilled to have him as part of our team, where his expertise, dedication, and unique perspective help bring our clients’ financial dreams into reality.

Juliana Posada

With a vibrant blend of passion and professionalism, Juliana Posada serves as the Executive Administrator at Sandy Morris Financial. Juliana’s academic achievements span two continents, holding a degree in Business Administration from Universidad del Norte, Colombia, and a major in Management from the University of South Florida, Tampa. Her role at the firm goes beyond being the welcoming face for visitors; she is integral to organizing our renowned Retirement Masterclass events, ensuring every detail is in place for success.

Juliana’s background in property management and hotel platform operations has imbued her with expert conflict resolution skills and a knack for efficient management. Recognized for her proactive approach and excellent communication, Juliana is a dynamic leader, dedicated to enhancing client experiences and fostering a supportive, engaging environment for all who walk through our doors.

Andrew Gibbons

Andrew Gibbons is originally from McLean, VA, just outside of Washington, D.C. He attended Gonzaga College High School, a small, all-male Jesuit high school several blocks from the nation’s capital, where community outreach was a core value. The school motto, “Men for Others,” is something Andrew has carried forward throughout his life. He served for eight years as a US Army Field Artillery Officer in various duty stations around the world and as a Deputy Sheriff for six years. Andrew received two Bronze Stars for his
leadership during combat operations, working alongside Seal Team 6 targeting top-level terror cells in Baghdad, Iraq, and Paktika, Afghanistan.

Andrew entered the financial services field in 2018 and played a key role in the growth of a highly successful boutique private wealth management firm in Lakewood Ranch. His goal at Sandy Morris Financial is to provide exceptional service to retirees in the greater Tampa Bay community and to help demystify and de-stress retirement plans. This allows retirees to truly enjoy their golden years without worrying about their financial future.

Andrew enjoys running, fishing, swimming in the gulf, and watching his daughter participate in competitive gymnastics. He is dually licensed in insurance and securities, holds a National Social Security Advisor designation, and has completed Ed Slott IRA training as well as the Certification in Long Term Care. He is currently enrolled in the Chartered Financial Consultant designation.

Christopher Conaughty

Christopher Conaughty graduated from SUNY Oswego in 2007 with a degree in History. He has a passion for servant leadership and a common-sense approach to problem-solving, honed by years in the call center industry. From 2014 to 2019, Christopher was responsible for national political polling campaigns while building a tele-sales Life Insurance team.

In 2020, he transitioned into the finance industry, focusing on life and health insurance, and has always been dedicated to helping consumers navigate the complexities of finding the best options for them. Christopher believes in providing white-glove service and is constantly seeking improvements, embracing change as a positive force. He is known as a team builder, player, and “glue guy.”

In 2021, he expanded his knowledge by managing large portfolios and working with Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation plans. Christopher is a strong advocate for work-life balance. When not at work, he can be found at a Rays game or on the beach reading a history book while listening to the waves. He also enjoys traveling and attending concerts and festivals.

Leslie Husarenko headshot

Leslie Husarenko

Leslie Husarenko has extensive experience working in the financial industry for the past
28 years assisting top producers and managing the operational side of management,
including but not limited to onboarding and servicing client relationships for high-net-
worth clients and institutional money management. She has tremendous experience
with Life products and is a registered insurance agent. She is known for her friendliness
and makes it her mission to address and solve customers’ questions efficiently.

Leslie is a proud mom of three adult children, six loving grandchildren and two Golden
Retriever fur babies. For enjoyment, you will find Leslie cruising out on her boat island
hopping enjoying the Florida Gulf Coast with family and friends.



Biscuit, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, isn’t just any office dog. As the Chief Canine Officer at Sandy Morris Financial, he’s the gentle soul greeting everyone with his calm presence. Though he might shy away from the limelight, his quiet companionship fills our office with warmth and comfort.

Around here, Biscuit is known for his soft, soothing demeanor, often found lounging in his favorite spot or quietly padding along the office floor. He’s the silent morale booster of our team, reminding us all of the value of peace and a friendly spirit in our busy days.

Outside of work, Biscuit enjoys his laid-back walks and relaxing afternoons, always up for a quiet cuddle or a serene moment away from the buzz. He embodies the essence of our office culture: supportive, serene, and subtly making every day a little better.