Michelle Urena

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Michelle Urena is innovative, dynamic and tenacious. Gifted with a sharp mind, she has an innate ability to connect with others and an insatiable thirst for excellence. Michelle joined Sandy Morris Financial in 2017.

Michelle has completed hundreds of marketing projects for major players in a variety of industries. Her experience spans everything from traditional newspaper print advertising and television advertising to social media promotion and crowdsourcing. Her versatility and knowledge in a variety of fields gives her the ability to design effective marketing strategies for a variety of different client needs.

In her current position, Michelle is responsible for managing the marketing and scheduling departments. She is responsible for all marketing programs, brand management, corporate sponsorship and strategic projects. This includes the documentation of business processes and information systems for the firm, analysis, business case development, project planning and managing successful implementations of all process improvement and system enhancement projects.

Michelle has over 10 years of experience in partnering with CEOs and COOs to manage and streamline processes in companies. She is passionate about the financial industry, marketing, project management and optimization of company processes to scale businesses and reach goals.

Michelle has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management, an Applied Project Management certification and a music degree with a focus on the piano.

In her free time, Michelle enjoys baking, playing video games, learning new skills and spending time with her husband, Ralph; daughter, Sabrina; and French Bulldog, Bucc.


If Michelle were a business quote: "Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning." – Winston Churchill